1 The context or environment in which one lives and is influenced by. 2 A property development company with a focus on creating spaces of influence - inside and out and . We are inspired by the physical and social setting of Melbourne and aim to contribute to this environment with our projects.

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True to its namesake, Milieu takes an intelligent approach to urban development, creating unique residential & mixed use projects informed by their surrounds, and designed to accommodate the rigors and routines of contemporary life.

Driven by a commitment to strong architectural outcomes and progressive urban design, Milieu specialises in crafting small to medium scale developments within Melbourne’s most attractive inner-city enclaves.

Working from Collingwood, we also contribute to the life of our community through a selection of pursuits that span hospitality, furniture, publishing and curating exhibitions and events.

Michael McCormack

Educated in construction and law, Michael has held lead roles in the development and construction industry. Responsible for the commercial and creative direction of Milieu, he established Milieu Property with Ross Troon in 2010. Michael is a director of Milieu Built and Milieu Hospitality.

Michael McCormack

Ross Troon

Ross Troon

With over 40 years experience in property development and construction, Ross has delivered multiple complex construction projects across Australia. A registered domestic and commercial builder with extensive experience working in mid-scale construction and fabrication, he is a valued mentor and leader within the business. Ross is a director of Milieu Built.

Shannon Peach

Educated in business, property valuation and development, Shannon has managed multiple medium and high-density residential and mixed use projects across Australia. Leading Milieu’s development team, he is responsible for the successful delivery of Milieu projects. Shannon became a director of Milieu Property in 2015.

Shannon Peach

Patrick Cooney

Patrick Cooney

Educated in property and real-estate, Patrick started his career in commercial leasing and management before working with a national luxury development company managing a variety of successful campaigns across Australia. Patrick is responsible for sales and marketing across all Milieu projects.

Milieu Team Photo

The Milieu team
Photography by Gavin Green


Milieu Built

Milieu Built is an independent construction company with a focus on delivering unique, design-driven projects. By working together closely, we’re able to carefully control every stage of a project’s construction, from conception to completion, allowing us to faithfully deliver on our promises.

Milieu Hospitality

Milieu Hospitality represents Milieu's commitment to providing excellent amenities in our developments. Enriching the area and its communities, Milieu Hospitality will continue to work long after settlement.

Milue Stays

Milieu Stays
Stay With Us

Milieu Stays is a short-term accomodation service that offers potential purchasers the chance to sample the experience of living in a Milieu space before they buy. Considering a Milieu home for your future? Spend some time in one of our refined spaces and get a feel for how we do things.

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