Albert Fields
A new collaboration with Mirvac

Mirvac and Milieu in collaboration are proud to present a new urban precinct in Brunswick that will provide the flexibility of renting with the security of home ownership. Designed by Fieldwork, Breathe and Openwork and situated between Brunswick’s Clifton park and Gilpin park, Albert Fields will be among the first of its kind: a neighbourhood designed and built entirely for renters, that puts people at the centre of the design process.


We envision that Albert Fields will set new standards for sustainable living in large-scale residential developments through integrated design and a strong focus on people.

We hope that Albert Fields will foster diversity and a strong sense of community through authentic contributions to Brunswick's thriving cultural and social sphere. The precinct is also intended to be truly 'green' and mark a turning point in urban sustainability in Australia, providing people with the infrastructure to live well now and in the future.

The design and build will focus on high-quality materials, driven by a goal to make Albert Fields improve with age, provide flexibility for evolving lifestyles, and encourage lifelong connections. We want our residences to always feel like home—no matter who you are or how your life changes.


Developed by Mirvac and Milieu in collaboration, Albert Fields will see the developers partner to explore their vision for a sustainable, community-focused urban precinct.

Mirvac has long been committed to reimagining urban life through positive contributions to Australian cities, and the pursuit of quality and care in every little detail. Similarly, Milieu is driven by a passion for strong architectural outcomes and progressive urban design, partnering on and advocating for development that has a positive influence on the fabric of the city.

This project will bring together some of Melbourne's most thoughtful and well regarded architects, interior and landscape designers. Key collaborators include:

  • Fieldwork, an architecture practice that focuses on research and experimentation to deliver thoughtful projects that resonate with their surrounds.
  • Breathe Architecture, an architecture and design practice that prioritises social, economic and environmental sustainability.
  • Openwork, a landscape architecture consultancy and urban design studio that creates public spaces geared towards future living.

Mirvac and Milieu are proud to partner with these local firms, each of which has a wealth of experience working on projects across Melbourne's inner north.

Albert Fields aims to provide a new way of living that is flexible, secure and community-focused. The project combines Mirvac’s 47-year legacy of creating sustainable and vibrant urban communities with Milieu’s strong track-record of response to place through design-led projects across Melbourne’s inner north.

We hope Albert Fields will be recognised as the most progressive project of its kind.

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